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Reactivate A Course.

eSchool courses must be completed within one year (12 months) of a student’s original start date. This requirement remains unaltered when a course has been put on hold. If a student puts a course on hold, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure they re-activate the course at such a time as to allow them to complete all course requirements, including the final exam, before their course reaches the one year mark.

Upon re-activation students will be allotted the amount of time that had been remaining in their course at the time they requested to put the course on hold.

To proceed with reactivating a course that has been put on hold, please review our credit policy and then complete the below form. There is a $50 administration fee to re-activate a course. Submitting an erroneous or fraudulent form will not exempt a student from our credit policy.

Reactivate A Course

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