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All course assignments, quizzes and discussions are available in each online classroom. Students use email to send assignments to their instructor(s)  and will receive feedback. Students must write their final exams in a nearby test center.
Courses at eSchool are self pacing and designed to be completed in 3 months; however students may choose to accelerate or slow down the pace of their course. If a student encounters special circumstances that prevent them from completing their course on time, they may purchase a course extension to lengthen the duration of the course in one or two month increments up to a full 12 months from their original start date.
Most courses at eSchool are designed to work with required supplementary materials such as textbooks. The textbooks selected for courses at eSchool are approved by the Ministry of Education in Ontario and are used throughout Ontario schools. Required textbooks may be an additional cost. If registering through a local centre for additional support students should confirm if the cost of required materials such as books are included in the price of their course.
We will send the textbook directly to the student by courier so they will have it along with their username and login information for their Wednesday start date.  Please email for more information.
Students must provide a copy of their Ontario Student Transcript (OST) or credit counselling summary showing they have completed the necessary course pre-requisite, along with a secondary piece of identification (passport, birth certificate or drivers license) and a signed Student Oath of Honour. A parent or guardian will also need to sign a permission form if the student is under 18 years of age
Registrations received by 5pm on Friday are processed and students are able to begin their courses the following Wednesday by 6pm, provided complete tuition fees and all required documentation have been received. Once a registration has been processed, students are sent an email that will include their start date, information on how to access their course(s) and when textbook(s) will be received.
Students may register for eSchool courses through our website or through an approved education centre. By combining our courses with the additional support available at various education centres, students will have access to crucial one-on-one personal support as required. Tuition fees for eSchool courses vary amongst centres.
Students with special learning needs excel at eSchool! Students work at their own pace without classroom distractions. Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) and relevant medical reports should be submitted at the time of registration so that eSchool teachers can best accommodate any special learning needs a student may have.
Yes, students who were 18 before February 1, 2004 and have attended high school in Ontario can qualify for up to 12 Maturity credits and may be granted further equivalent education credits at the principals discretion.

If you became 18 years of age after February 1, 2004 or you’ve never attended an Ontario High school you may be eligible for up to 16 Grade 9 and 10 credits following an individual assessment. For more information, please visit the Adult Students area of our website.

If you’ve never attended an Ontario High school you may be eligible for Ontario credits following an individual assessment. For more information, please review our maturity/equivalency credit information form.
Students, parents (if the student is under 18), and any support team members each receive a copy of the teacher’s contact information which includes email address, online office hours, and phone number.
The student will receive a copy of their midterm mark by email once they have submitted the first 50% of their course. If a student’s midterm evaluation is inconsistent with their overall grade averages, their mark may be held until their achievement levels have been confirmed by the supervised final examination results.
Upon completion of all course material (activities, tests, discussion postings, independent study unit, etc), the eSchool teacher will give permission for the final exam to be scheduled. Students must write their final exams in a nearby test center. There is a 5 day waiting period between a student booking their final exam and the expected examination date.
Final marks take approximately 10 business days to be released after the final exam has been written. A copy of the student’s final report will be sent to the student by email and a copy will also be sent directly to the student’s home school.
A copy of the final mark can be sent by fax or courier to OUAC/OCAS or any University/College. Please note that while OUAC/OCAS will accept faxes, many colleges or universities will not. Please visit the transcript/mark forwarding area of our website or contact for more information.
eSchool makes every effort to keep tuition fees affordable for all students. Unlike university, college or public school programs, eSchool receives absolutely no subsidization to offer an online course option to students. A great deal of time is spent processing every registration and an Ontario Certified teacher is reserved for each student for a period of three months. For this reason, eSchool does not provide monetary refunds to students after they have registered for a course. However, if a student is temporarily unable to continue in a course, they should immediately notify us and we will place it on Hold for up to a maximum of 6 months from their original start date. When a student resumes their course, the remaining study time is made available. Click here to view complete credit policy information.


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