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Principal’s Message

Canada eSchool & Ottawa Carleton E-School welcomes you and hope we can partner with you in your educational goals for this school year and beyond:

eSchool was designed to meet high school education goals for many types of students including goals:

  • which are attainable given your abilities
  • which can be written in a clear statement
  • whose steps for successful completion can be visualized

Whatever your goals: obtaining an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), going to college or university, increasing a course mark, completing high school early, eSchool can assist you in your goal attainment and be your partner in the steps to goal completion.

How can eSchool help you?

Accreditation: Check all of our courses including the new senior Math curriculum and eCo-op. All of these courses are authorized by the Ministry of Education for Ontario. As an Inspected Private School we can issue you an Ontario High School Diploma.

Quality: The educational leadership team at eSchool has over 50 years of educational experience in Ontario. This team has been creative and imaginative in developing and implementing ways for students to be successful. All of our course teachers are members in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers.

Adaptability: Our school and its courses run 24-7. You can contact your teacher and access your course material whenever and from wherever it is convenient to you. Our registration is ongoing and we do not need a full class to run a course; we are ready when you are.

Our school may be virtual but our educational experience is real.

It is with great pride that I welcome you to eSchool.

Ron Rambarran, OCT
Canada eSchool
Ottawa Carleton E-School

Ron Rambarran, OCT


About Ron Rambarran

About Our Founder, Annette Levesque

Annette began her career as a technology mentor to other teachers at the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI). In 2000, Annette received a recognition award from the government of Canada’s Grassroots Program for the development of internet-based, interactive learning projects for students.

As a teacher, Annette became fascinated with the concept of eLearning for high school students and in October 2002, she completed a one-year pilot program in Electronic Teaching and Learning through a partnership between Seneca College and York University.

Founding Ottawa Carleton E-School in 2002, Canada eSchool in 2005 and the collaboration of the two in 2006, Annette comes from a long history of education. She was certified by the Ontario College of Teachers in 1999 after earning her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Ottawa. She is expected to complete her Masters in Distance Education with Athabasca University in 2017.

Annette strives to create barrier-free programs that equalize children and women’s access to education. In 2004, she travelled to Beirut as part of the Canadian Mission in Education whose primary focus was the development of equal opportunity education for young women. In 2009, Annette successfully petitioned the Ontario provincial government for the right to provide international students access to private school eLearning programs in Ontario.

Education and eLearning are not only Annette’s professional path, but they are also her passion. Her outstanding work, and innovative educational approach can be seen throughout her organizations, making them a forerunner in the pioneering of new technologies for high school education.

On August 1st, 2016, Canada eSchool and Ottawa Carleton E-School became part of the largest international boarding school in Canada, Columbia International College.

Annette Levesque

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